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Private Group Lesson

Theory and Practice

1.     Learning:  Private classes with an instructor, you schedule the day in advance.


2.     Improving:  A class geared towards working on making your surfing technique better.  The class

lesson is supervised by an instructor with more than 20 years of experience who will assist you in improving your performance, maneuvers and your tricks.


3.     Physical conditioning and training:  Advice for strengthening your physical conditioning.  Training will include Pilates strength exercises and practice in the ocean and or in the pool.  The objective of the class is to prepare individuals to travel and understand all types of swells and conditions.


4.     Guide:  This service is designed for free surfers to learn and accompany them to new surf breaks in Hawaii.

What's Included?


Private lessons per person / per session

Sessions                      Adults          Children

1 Surf Lesson              $120              $100

2 Surf Lessons            $110               $90 

3 Surf lessons              $90                 $85

4 Surf lessons              $90                 $85 

5  Surf lessons             $85                 $80

6 Surf lessons              $85                 $80 

7 Surf lessons              $80                 $75 

8 Surf lessons              $80                 $75 

9 Surf lessons              $75                 $70 

10 each Surf lessons   $70                 $70 


The equipment that we use is chosen based on your surfing abilities.  When you are beginning, we use a soft top foam surf board which is buoyant in the water and will give you stability in learning how to surf.  

Lesson Times

Call (808) 725-3327 to enquire about availabilities or sand a email

What to Bring

Bring a swimsuit, towel, bottle of water and sunscreen

For an extra fee, we have professional photographers to capture memories from your class.


Contact us:
Blue Ocean Breeze Surf School
Blue Ocean Breeze Surf School
Blue Ocean Breeze Surf School
Blue Ocean Breeze Surf School
Blue Ocean Breeze Surf School
Blue Ocean Breeze Surf School
Blue Ocean Breeze Surf School


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